Algorand Bounty Hack: Universities Unchained – Session 3

May 7, 2021 5:00 pm —
 7:00 pm
Location — Event will be livestreamed. Join #bounty-hack-livestreams on Reach's Discord server.

Hosted by the Algorand Foundation and Reach.

Join Reach developers for a guided walkthrough of the following activities:

  1. Interaction and Independence
  2. Web Interaction
  3. Onward and Further
  4. Choose your own workshop.


This tutorial walks through the creation of a simple decentralized application. It contains everything you need to know to build and test this application and assumes no prior experience with DApp/blockchain development of any kind.

This session is a part of Prep Week for the Algorand Bounty Hack: Universities Unchained, but livestreams are open to the public.

To view the livestream, join the Reach Discord server on the #bounty-hack-livestreams channel.